Which lockdown character are you?

What activity have you spent the most time on during the lockdown?

Employment status?

Your TGIF routine?

Preferred way of Saving money?

Which lockdown character are you?
Vigilante! - Olode Adugbo

The lockdown may have just shown you a new career path! You owe the government a thank you note for helping you discover new talents.

What is fitfam? All you do is eat and drink no matter what. You have money to spend so Rona gat nothing on you!

Somewhere in your head, you miss being in the office yeah? Take a break! Look out the window, there's actually life outside your computer screen - enjoy it. Then the inevitable - you're back in front of your laptop.
Jonah. Joseph(ine). Your core competency is Sleeping

You have zero problems with the lockdown, in fact you're silently hoping there are further extensions because if you don't sleep this - Ji! Masun! - sleep, who will. That's why you're single and lonely sha. Oinn!
Sarah Banks / Johnny Sins

Take a breather na! Your genitals are tired of these meetings, at least try to brain storm - think and plan for post-coronavirus era - not everytime under (wo)man! Clothes are off again eh? Very soon, Johnny no go answer call again sha
Twitter fingers / IG Live hoylers

Multiple personality disorder. "Jacuzzi" on Instagram, "baba even if na 2k" on Twitter. Sending Olamide, Reminisce and Naira Marly nudes on Instagram, posting DMs for clout on Twitter. With these hours clocked, you suppose consider influencer work.
Orijinal Drunkard

The world is coming to an end but you've still found time to quickly find a bottle of your favorite whiskey - YOLO - to keep up with your "live by the bottle, die with the bottle" pledge. Plug for any and every kind of booze. Pity your liver, drink water!
Pro Bambiala

Try! Just try make your hand dey on top. You should consider making a business out of your professional begging on and offline

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