The big 7-0

Twenty six years of being your boy – read “man”- and no doubt, it’s not always been smooth sailing but I’m grateful for the man you are and the one I’m becoming, but this isn’t about me.

Being your only male child and last of 4 kids has always come with its own “pressures”, pressures I’ve always been reminded of and been conscious of. You’ve taught me to always put my immediate family above anyone else, to understand the sacrifices we sometimes need to make as men (humans) for the betterment of the ones we love.

I have countless numbers of our shared experiences, from the good to the bad to the very naughty but in all, there’s been one binding thing – love.

Your work ethic has been second to none, still visible in how active you are even in “retirement”.

Olori oko bambam 🧔🏾

My bank. My main man. My septuagenarian!

You’re a continuous work in progress as I’m well aware that God’s still got plans.

Happy 70th birthday Dad. I love you, my siblings love you. Our mum loves you. Ofcourse, your grandchildren love you and all the nicknames you have for them! 😂❤️

Oh yeah, you still have a few years before you have to come up with nicknames for Brugas’ kids. PS: He’s in no haste 🤝

Yeah yeah, it still turned out to be about me and the birthday big boy.