These ‘rona times: Working from home

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It’s no longer breaking news when NCDC posts updates on Twitter or when there’s word of 100+ Coronavirus related deaths in a 24 hour period in any part of the world, it’s testament to how quickly and or easily we adapt to new realities. This of course, is one pointer to why we are humans and not relatives of Roo-Boy.

While we are able to adapt to certain realities without feeling the effects of change, there are a number of instances where change simply isn’t easy. One major example is the switch from the daily routines of hustling to get to work and spending your day with colleagues in the confines of a building to the new and almost entirely different way of work – working from home as a result of the Coronavirus induced lockdown(s).

Personally, it’s been 11 weeks since I last stepped into the office and it’s safe to say I never saw this coming. Prior to all of this, I’d been an advocate for remote positions where and when possible, yet I’d never really put serious thought to understanding the pros and cons of working from the comfort of one’s bed or in front of a TV – I’m still in shock and that’s why I’ve consistently skipped workout routines…shock! 😑

So yeah, what are the common challenges faced and how are they overcome? Or better still, who overcame what and vice versa. What’s been the fun and the not so funny part(s) of this 11 week period?

Food, alcohol and lots of it – Fun, challenging too.

Too much of everything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough

Mark Twain

What do you do when hunger pangs set in while working on a report? You reach for the leftover bread and make toast. What do you when your tank is half full post-toast? Make spaghetti Tomolnaisse, and when the spaghetti feels like a bedspread in your stomach bed what’s next? PoundoYam, yes! Surely, that’s too much carbs for one day but who’s checking? Definitely not me

This life, food is important!