Kabba’s beginning – Meet and Greet (POV)

DJ SNaira

The day is 24th December, 2019. The venue is Owohunwa’s residence. The time is 8pm. OT drives in, I alight. He’s off to begin his Uber duties, never to be free from it again in Kabba.

In hindsight, for the first program of a fun week, the meet and greet didn’t exactly follow plans nor kick it right. It however did offer a week’s worth of drama and whatnot. I had made it a point of duty to introduce myself to everyone present at my time of arrival and ofcourse I did. The random “oooh” “ahhh, nice to meet you” but 2 tables stood out (not literally) – the Ejibunus and well, the single ladies.

Seated at the EJs were Zainab, Nazi and (for the sake of my inability to spell the right name) HighRise. One common thing? Beautiful and shiny foreheads, they obviously didn’t come to play. On this table, I got the first judgement “oh THE Tomi, the one that types a lot” *Me? Ya se emi ko! Can never be me* 🥺. A few ramblings later and I’d seemingly overstayed my welcome. Looking back, they’re quite a bunch – a close-knit one. Advice to readers? Don’t. Try. Them.

Zee, Naz and KB Ejibunu

Slowly strutting my now famed “big bum”, I headed towards my seat, on the single ladies table (Note that during and after Kabba19, a few of the ladies here stopped being “single single” – Hallelujah somebody! ✋🤚).
Evelyn, Moyin Arokoyo, Jhumahy, Mowaju and Sade treated me to a firsthand experience of single ladies gossip, while the former berated me for constantly turning down her date requests. I also, quite interestingly got to know about who is waiting on a slip up from someone else so she’ll slap her, who’s disrespecting A or B and blah blah blah…

A few hiccups and introductions later, everyone got busy trying to force tasty meals down their throats before hitting the dance floor as curfewed members scurried home quickly to avoid missing out on future events. Then like a fucked up appearance on a Jimmy Kimmel show, things went South (please spot the pun 🥺).

I remember walking around hastily and calling for someone’s head like I was ready to fight, when in truth I was more than ready to run back to Lagos at the slightest sight of danger – The things we do for the “gram”.

Fingers hurt, if you missed the meet and greet, I really don’t care about / nor rate you. Yes, You!

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