I Quit!

And so it begins…

It’s probably not commonplace to start an “I quit” story with a new beginning, or maybe it’s an attempt at shying away from the norm? Whichever it is, one thing is certain; I Quit! To quit, however means to begin also.

Firstly and most importantly, I quit procrastination in actually typing this piece (hopefully I even publish it). So let’s begin…

I’m Tomisin, a Nigerian “guy” who works in “Tech” as a Data Analyst. Introductory piece this is, so dear reader pardon any errors seen herein - ẹjọ, e má bínú (Yoruba translation for “please, don’t be upset”). While I’m still trying to identify my Target audience, I hope everyone who comes across this post finds something useful in it.

I still doubt myself, sometimes: I’ve worked as a Data Analyst for a little over 17 months and there are times I still doubt myself, times when I come across a problem a colleague needs me to solve and for the first few minutes I’m stuck - (village people maybe? 🤔). Once in this fix, my dear friend Google ALWAYS come to my rescue. My point is this, no matter how much you know, you’re one browser tab away from learning something new or refreshing a temporarily lost memory, ya get? 😏

Ask Questions: There’s one thing I’ve learnt and can’t stop talking about, it’s the need to know how to ask questions. Ask questions when you don’t know, ask questions when you think you know, ask questions when you know you know. You can never go wrong with asking questions — well unless you’re asking who’s a better President between Bubu and Patience Jonathan.

It’s one thing to be smart, another to be professional about it: I used to be told a lot how smart I was, truth is, it never reflected in my results in Uni 😬 (story for another day). These days, I get the random compliment from my Tech Lead as well as colleagues and make I no lie, my head dey swell sometimes. What changed? I stopped being just the smart guy and started being the one who applied it where needed. FYI, I don’t consider myself all that still.

I’d like to go on and write about how I started my journey as a Data Analyst, how Google is ALWAYS your friend (asides from the times when my Google Assistant is mean to me), but those are things I’d keep for future posts.

“In conclusion” 😁, I started this post with one thing in mind and ended up writing a little off what I initially had in mind.

See you in the next one. Share if you will? Thank you.

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  • Chi says:

    Nice piece. One I am really interested in cos I’m studying towards becoming a Data Analyst….hopefully soon. Nice to see someone who has been at it for 17months!!

    • Editor says:

      Hi Chi and thank you for taking time out to read through. I’m sure you’ll make something good out of it as long as you put in the effort. Also, I’m always available to share knowledge and learn. Cheers and best wishes.

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